Media Buying

Media Buying

Redcanvass helps your brand to procure places in the best possible place and price to ensure visibility and value addition to your advertisement. Currently we are dealing with press, radio, outdoor, cinema, direct mail and online ads.

We also help you in identifying the right mix of these media channels in order to deliver as per your business growth plans. Media planning and buying is done keeping in mind demographics and psychographics of the target market and customer.​

  • 86%
    Videos on landing pages increase conversions
  • 72%
    of marketers think branded content is more effective than advertising in a magazine
  • 40%
    of owner run advertisement without tracking mechanism to judge responses

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  • Print

    Print ads should carry out relevance, which leaves an impact and recalls potential on just one go. Redcanvass identifies the right time and content of the ad that fulfills your business goals.

  • Radio

    Radio ads leave a good impact for local vendors to reach out to people in a quick way. But slots and stations have to be chosen carefully to help you get the best results.

  • Billboards

    We identify locations to install your billboards to cater your potential clients.

  • Cinema

    As huge number of heads are turning to Cinemas to watch Movies, Cinema ads are a great bet to showcase your brand in few seconds.

  • Direct mail

    It encompasses ways to promote your brand with custom tailored material like Brochures, Flyers, Newsletter, Cards, etc. by Mail or E-mail. It lets you communicate one-on-one with clients.

  • Online

    PPC, SEO and SMO produce leads and prospects which leaves a huge business impact if done continuously and strategically.