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Creating fresh feel and giving new look to the already established product/brand includes a good amount of industry, customer and market idea. We identify re-branding goals and lay out an optimized solution to re-launch it.

  • 95%
    of the top brands' logos use only one or two colours
  • 90%
    of information transmitted to the brain is visual
  • 60k
    times faster that visuals are processed in the brain than text

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  • Goal of re-branding

    Goals are clearly mapped with the new layouts to set the brand right.

  • Changing needs of market

    The new look of the brand should be abreast with the current expectations of market and audience.

  • Commitment

    re-branding will make your client’s feel the your commitment towards your goals and long-stay in the market and we provide that cutting-edge.

  • Create a stronger voice

    The new version is made much stronger, appealing, professional, updated and loyal to the audience.